If you think that being vegan is boring and the only thing we do in the evenings is spamming Facebook sad pictures and signing petitions, you are wrong. At least as a vegan living in Kosice. Despite the fact that in this city unfortunately is not a special vegan restaurants, there are many places that are as it were vegan-friendly.

For example, super metal company Collosseum where, after a long pause again starts with the regular organization of an event called Sunday’s veget where all together nicely cook vegan and hear some interesting lectures or just gossip. Report from this event on our website you will find during the December-January, depending on when the next will be held. But now I want write about little bar, which is not so well known and is not primarily oriented to vegans, but deserves your attention animal-friendly attitude. This is a Madrid bar (Our Hostel is above this bar) on the same street Vratna 30.

I admit us inward attracted blackboard on which was written “traditionally cooked beer” words cooked course we understand the way of mulled wine, well, donkey, not try it. For discovering this place, therefore we owe debile short term, but as they say – the end justifies the means. The first thing we noticed right at the entrance, which was on Wall hung hand-made notice the extra allowance at the bar on Kosice shelter UVP in Haniska. And as I later found out the posts there were not enough, so another reason to smile satisfied.

The premises are divided into smoking and non-smoking, we are now enshrined in the smoke-free right next to the bar. After the initial gently smiles of shame when the serving girl explained to us that the beer is traditionally cooked in the production and therefore served cold, we ordered coffee and beer Indian Pale Ale. And for myself I have to say – better beer than the coffee I drank more. It pays to have him hoc and only asked for a table and smelling, yet even the smell is the bomb! When removing the snacks that will follow, we come across a menu to vegan bread + spread. And since when do something that beer be purchased and we expect any of the “sausage bag” spreads and a supermarket bread. When we Va Va with which we have managed to familiarize the meantime, she has brought home pea spread and domestic wholemeal bread, we said it has to be better or not. When a casual but the corner came dog and came to see if something happens to him we do not want to offer, we were done. Overall, there have been 3 dogs. Nobody do not throw them nowhere, they look around the guests and went to sleep on the seat , which was just free.

So – pleasant environment, great staff, menagerie, funny and individually designed, the opportunity to bite something nifty for the superb beer for vegans and who you are very bored, you can also play one of the board games such. seeds, unfortunately we could not figure out how to play, when you come to somebody, let me know. In addition, the hostel is located on the first floor, where you can stay at any time during the year and a living room with fireplace designed for organizing corporate events, celebrations or presentations.

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Posted on december 6, 2013 by Lukas Cech